About Me

I am a librarian, sex educator and writer. I am both bisexual and queer. The author of three chapbooks, as well as co-author of a zine entitled A Guide to the Mannerly Wooing and Winning of the Object of Your Affection, my work has also appeared in Ottawa Magazine, Bitch Magazine, Best Bondage Erotica 2011.

You may have seen me read in your town. I've shared stages with people such as Jennifer Whiteford, Julia Serano, Lisa Foad, and Alexis O'Hara in cities like Toronto, New York, Chicago, and Montreal. If you would like to see me read in your town, please, by all means, drop me a line. I'm probably going to want to sleep on your couch.

What's Radial Symmetry?

It's my blog. It has a history.

In July 2005, I decided I needed a website, something easy, something cheap. I opened a Blogger account, made a blog, and called it Asteroidea Press. It was only going to be information about the chapbooks I released under that name. And then I put up a post. And then another one. And then another. And then I realized that people were reading it, and I was hooked.

Three years later, I was tired of telling people how to spell Asteroidea. I shifted all the original posts over and renamed the whole thing Radial Symmetry. For a long time, I tried to post every day or two about the random things that happen in my life and the not-so-random things that interest me.

In 2009, I met my current partner and strangely, started wanting more privacy. The kind of blogging I was doing, that I loved, was no longer as satisfying. I tried new topics and approaches here and there, but these days, my posting is down to once or twice a year.

What's Your Weekly Dose?

For several years, I posted a weekly bit of flash fiction made up of filthy, dirty pornographic words and scenes. They're not real. Except when they are.

A few of them have been collected in my chapbooks Caught My Eye and Here, There, Home.

What people have written about my work:

A Guide to the Mannerly Wooing and Winning of the Object of Your Affection
"This tidy zine is a spoofy throwback, a pastiche of the guides on proper behaviour that were popular in the 1950s and earlier... The writing is tongue-in-cheek but done well, drawing on stylized language common to earlier eras (e.g., "canoodling," "buzz off," "piffle," "church mouse" etc.), but there's also a serious side. After all, politeness and good manners might seem outdated, but if they get you laid, then why not?"
--Matthew Firth, Ottawa Xpress

Caught My Eye
"Ottawa's Megan Butcher brings us a dozen blunt, beautiful, wildly pornographic flash fictions."
--Emerson Dameron, Zine Thug

This Is What She Said
"These poems are sex toys left out among underwear scattered about the room after a heated night. They are sweaty, cum-soaked sheets wrung into a rope between the legs of a lover, still tangled in her partner's limbs."
--Alan King, Guild of Outsider Writers