Fotos von Foxification


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I actually like the third one the best! But you look right foxy in all of them.

Posted by Jo Stockton (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 20:40

Day-um! You look totally foxy. I love the second one especially. That hair is great.

I'll be there tomorrow, although I'm wondering how freakishly long the line will be to get in. Hopefully everyone else in Ottawa forgets it's Valentine's Day and lets us bloggers have our fun.

Posted by Andrea SK (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 21:19

me too, it's nice that you're smiling. and that blue is very becoming on you.
we should shop in march. for you, of course.

Posted by shelleyt (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 21:22

My thoughts on this matter can be summarized as follows: "Foxy! Cleavage! Foxy!"

(I do confess to having had similar reactions pre-, and mid-foxification as well, however. I might not be objective enough to really assess the process.)

And those look like some stylin' frames ... vaguely reminiscent of the ones in the "photographs verboten" shop, but more refined, and with a hint of a horn rim. Nice .. I mean, Foxy!

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 21:38

I agree. I love #3, especially the zine wall of fabulousness.
See you tomorrow!

Posted by La Canadienne (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 22:05

I like the third one, too. But they are all smokin' hot!

Posted by Aggie (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 22:11

Yes, yes. Foxy indeed.

Posted by Ariel (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 22:22

I think you're an inspiration, taking on this foxification project in the dead of winter and with your heart still echoing. Congratulations for doing it, and doing it so well Megan. You look super foxy. My favourite is #2. And #3 is a close second.

Posted by zoom (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 23:30

Oh I love the haircut and glasses!
The zine wall is also mighty fine! ;)

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 23:34

Consider the foxification project a success! You look great! I like all of the shots, but think the first is the best. As a guy that's saying something considering the 2nd photo is a "cleavage" shot! ;-)

Mind you that's likely because of the colorful background, but I also like your pose in it as well. You've got that model "oblivious to the camera" look happening...

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 02/14/2008 - 07:35

Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like them. I enjoy all the compliments!

Andrea: It must be admitted that I have been a little worried about that too, but Jennifer was there last year around the same time, and she said it was normal busy, not crazy busy. I figure we'll just have to see how it goes. And we may have form splinter group.

Posted by megan on Thu, 02/14/2008 - 08:46

Yes foxy!

I super love the grey shirt too!

Posted by Tiana (not verified) on Thu, 02/14/2008 - 09:36


Posted by suge (not verified) on Thu, 02/14/2008 - 17:58

You were always foxy... and now you're even foxier!

Posted by Manny Blue (not verified) on Thu, 02/14/2008 - 21:44

Holy shoot! Is that my seester?! Wow, foxification indeed.

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 02/15/2008 - 20:19