Gone Racing


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The part of my heart where

The part of my heart where my father lives is treacherous; hard knots of anger and fear starred by sinkholes of wailing mush; the occasional solid ground.

meg, you're amazing.


Posted by shelley (not verified) on Tue, 06/16/2009 - 23:13
He was a friend of mine as

He was a friend of mine as well. He had tons of friends. There is a sign in the back of the car hauler that says "We don't race to make friends. We bring our own!" But actually he didn't need to bring friends 'cause they were already there.

Dad spoke really well too (did you know he was his high schools public speaking champion 4 years in a row?) had us all laughing. He got a round of applause at the end.

I've been pretty flabbergasted by all this. I've lost friends before, and it's hard enough when it's an accident that takes them. This I don't think I'll ever completely understand.



Posted by Dave (not verified) on Wed, 06/17/2009 - 07:42