I'm Home, I'm Half in the Bag, I'm Still Blogging


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Oooh, too bad you only show slivers of yourself. I may have cocked an eyebrow at the high concept, but you looked great, Ms. Silver!

Posted by coyote (not verified) on Sun, 10/28/2007 - 08:45

You underestimate the effect your outfit had on this librarian. That one little clip, pulling back your lovely hair, added a subtle little “je ne sais quoi” look that fabulously complemented your “silver” costume. My raised eyebrow was actually a silent wow!

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 10/28/2007 - 15:10

I'm all flustered.

And people weren't being "polite". It they thought you weren't wearing a costume, they'd have dragged you to the costume room and made you dress as a viking or something.

Posted by David Scrimshaw (not verified) on Sun, 10/28/2007 - 22:24

How lovely! I feel like a celebrity today! So much fun to finally meet you. The others are telling the truth - you really did look fantastic.

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 10/29/2007 - 00:36

Aw, pshaw. You all are too sweet.

Posted by megan on Mon, 10/29/2007 - 19:20