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I know a little about this. Somebody wise once told me that sometimes we sink back into old, bad patterns because they're familiar. There's a certain perverse comfort in familiarity, even when it's not a good familiarity.

The flipside, of course, is that after the kind of deep neural bad-burn-in you talk about, good things can feel kinda weird sometimes, just because they are unfamiliar.

But even if good things feel weird, they're not undeserved.

I rather think those old veins, while still part of you, are not exactly all of you anymore. Know this: you're a much richer personality now than you were ten years ago. It's possible you're more able to look at those old patterns safely this time around - with your own new perspective and with your friends, and with your wonder-wonderful therapist's help. Good that you have a guide. Some journeys seem to need us to revisit the same places a few times to understand them properly. It's a journey. I wish you very great luck and fruitful travels, ma'am...!

Posted by coyote (not verified) on Thu, 09/06/2007 - 16:26