Long Day


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This, what you just

This, what you just described, is my most common reoccurring dream/nightmare. I have it 2-3 times a month. Luckily for you, you lost your passport once in Canadian airspace. No you are not lucky at all! what am I saying. Scratch that.

In my dreams, I usually discover the passport lost - or most often forgotten - having, in the dream, an urgent and immediate need to go very far away, and rush out the door in a flurry of cabs and busses to the airport, often without even a suitcase. I run on the plane just before take off. I usually discover the passport gone midair over the atlantic - often en route to places like Austrailia or most recently - Mongolia.

The fear, which is borderline terror, is the realization that they won't let me stay, and that i will have to return to wherever it was that I had urgent and immediate need to go very far away from.

me, me, me.

A POST-IT NOTE? they have a department - an entire employee with an entire desk for this sole purpose - and the system is a POST-IT NOTE?

welcome home!

Posted by mae callen (not verified) on Sat, 03/21/2009 - 23:10
Hey Megan, welcome back to

Hey Megan, welcome back to Ottawa ! Sorry to hear about the lost passport. Somehow, I am convinced that you will get it back (despite the poorly organized Lost & Found).

Many thanks for this advice about Peter Robinson! I bought one of his books and loved it. It is an excellent alternative to Ian Rankin.

Posted by Martin (not verified) on Sun, 03/22/2009 - 19:58
I felt like a damn fool,

I felt like a damn fool, writing that info on the post-it note. I called them yesterday, and no one had turned it in. Haven't heard anything from Air Canada, so I'll call them both tomorrow and then register it as lost. Goddamn.

So, Martin, though I wholly appreciate your optimism, it looks like my passport is well and truly gone. But I'm thrilled to pieces you love the Peter Robinson. If you ever find another series similar, please let me know!

Posted by megan on Sun, 03/22/2009 - 21:11