My Letter to Minister Van Loan regarding 1010 Somerset W


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Good on you!! I recall a

Good on you!! I recall a conversation many years back on my front porch with a neighbour all in a tizzy about gals living a few doors up the street in a house belonging to the owner of a couple of strip clubs. "What," I said, "they gotta have somewhere to live while they're in town, and they sure can't afford to stay at the Chateau." I think I recall mentioning the appeal of cute babes going to and from work, which is a bit embarrassing in retrospect, but Jeez-Marie! How fearful are we of the edgy sides of downtown life? I've raised 3 kiddos in C-town (2 till 1998, another till 2003) and we told 'em to be wary of goof-balls and weirdos.

Bad things happen to little kids, but pretty much every time it's Daddy or Uncle Ernie. Give me a few ex-cons any ol' day ahead of a slimy creapo who live among us for years without detection. Get your heads outa the sand you ostriches! And don't go dumping on Paul Dewar or Diane Holmes for wanting to parse the discussion. Yeah, they're politicos and sometimes a bit self-serving but they want to make things work. You want Stephen Harper or Rainer Bloess to represent you?

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Thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks for the inspiration. I wrote to the Ministry.

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