National Day of Action


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Hopewell! The site of so

Hopewell! The site of so many of my sad Valentine's Day upsets. The mom induced card giving is the WORST.

What is Hopewell up to this year?

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It's always easy to tell

It's always easy to tell when it's not real, eh?

Here's what's going on in Ottawa, lifted direct from the site:


The Green Goddesses girls group in Ottawa plans to spend time creating body casts of the entire torso and arms, which will then be “decorated” and displayed in an art gallery on Saturday February 14th. Images of female bodies are everywhere – we come across hundreds of advertisements each day, selling everything from food to cars. Well-known people in the media and Hollywood community are promoting unrealistic standards of thinness and beauty, and women’s magazines and even respectable newscasts urge individuals to “change” themselves and “take control” of their bodies and health. Women and girls rarely get the chance to show the world what their bodies mean to them, how they love and nurture them, and how they have been affected by all these negative messages. The casts will represent the girls’ ideas about their bodies, and how they have been physically and emotionally impacted by outside pressures (including peers, family and media). The belief is that body casting can support girls in developing awareness and acceptance of body size and shape. We hope this activity will give girls a voice in the struggle between the image we have of ourselves, and the image society/media tries to mold. We want to be able to display our own unique thoughts about body and body image, with no judgement on ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

*Miss G: Project for Equity in Education*

For the upcoming National Day of Action we would like to rally all the fabulous teachers in our network to devote Friday, February 12th to teaching entirely about important feminist issues affecting Canadian women. Teachers could either prepare for this day in advance by asking students to give a presentation to their class/school, or focus their righteous energy on Feb 12th in particular. After the lesson/presentations students will develop ideas for actions and organizing that they can bring to their communities, peer groups, homes, online, etc. We hope this project will give students the chance to engage critically in issues and histories “about themselves” and will energize them to move from awareness gained in the classroom to action in the classroom and in other areas of their lives. Awareness is contagious and we hope it spreads!

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