The Pee-Zee


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That is brilliant. I didn't even know it existed. How on earth did I miss this at Venus Envy, of all places?

Now the tough part: Pink, or purple?

Tough call. This will take some thought.

Posted by Andrea SK (not verified) on Mon, 07/16/2007 - 17:35

I never thought of calling it a Peezee before.

Posted by Eric (not verified) on Tue, 07/17/2007 - 12:15

Or for a different design, the discretely named "TravelMate". It doesn;t fold down flat but is smaller overall.

Posted by Pearl (not verified) on Wed, 07/18/2007 - 09:04

I think I'll buy one of those Megan. Maybe I'll get "Shenis" or "Pee-Shooter" engraved on mine.

Posted by zoom (not verified) on Wed, 07/18/2007 - 11:41

Ha! I think that Pee-Shooter would win for me. Let me know if you don't use it.

Posted by megan on Wed, 07/18/2007 - 16:37

Hey Kids...

I am she of the Pee-Zee :)
Thanks for your support.
we also have a facebook group
see you there...

feel free to be in touch

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 07/18/2007 - 17:10